Ideas for Asian Weddings.


There are different groups of Asians. Some of them are the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese. They all have cultures aspects which are unique to their heritage. A person interested in having Asian wedding ceremony and reception, here are some ideas that will give such a person inspirations.

There are a variety of foods that can be served from the Asians. A traditional Japanese menu which is served during weddings is kelp, red rice and sea bream which is a Japanese fish that is used to indicate happiness. Rice wine or sake is the typical beverage served. The chines are well known for phonetic play on certain words. The word apple sounds like go safely and when served with fat choy it is the same as saying be prosperous. During Chinese weddings, Lotus seed is the traditional beverage served. For a traditional Korean wedding, you may be served with noodles called Kuk soo which symbolizes a life which is long.

The Asians cultures have many religious beliefs and practices. The major religious which they practice are Taoist, Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, and Buddhism. A Japanese wedding ceremony will take place in a chapel or a Shinto shrine. Weddings in Japan are usually performed in spring and fall. Chinese wedding ceremonies have umbrellas used to cover the couple to be married. This symbolizes protection and honor to the marrying couple as they start their life together. For the Buddhists, their weddings are carried out at Honganji Temple. To learn more about wedding DJs, visit

The wedding ceremonies for Asians may include prayers, staging rosaries, a speech from the priest and taking drinks of an oath. The wedding will not be complete without hiring a full-time DJ who is Asian. The hiring of an Asian DJ will be effective if effects of light that are low are used in the reception. Asian DJs should be well informed about your plans to make them be successful. The DJs have strategies, techniques, actions, and tips that will make the reception of your wedding be perfect. Before deciding on a venue, consult with the Asian DJ who will arrange all the equipment needed according to the size of the venue. If the venue is big, the asian dj will be able to arrange for a team of DJs.

For the dj for indian wedding , you will be able to request for any music of your choice. They will be the influencing factor at your wedding because they are the pacesetters for the music. One should do a proper research on Asian wedding ceremonies and receptions so that your guests will remember the event for the years to come.

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